Access point of the CSCE in Limoges: the project comes to fruition

As announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne last October, the Estrie Community Health Center (CSCE) will extend its services to the Limoges region. The opening of the CSCE access point in the Limoges Health Hub, where services will be offered three days a week, is scheduled for the end of summer 2017.

“The new primary care access point in Limoges supports our vision of healthy people and communities, supported by an accessible and quality health care system,” says Chantale LeClerc, CEO of the Local Service Integration Network Champlain Health Authority (LHIN). We would like to congratulate the Estrie Community Health Center, their partners, and the people of Limoges and the surrounding area for their hard work that will enable us all to achieve this important goal. ”

In order to do so, the CSCE had to submit to the governmental administrative process necessary for the implementation of such an achievement. Now that this step is completed, the CSCE is in the process of preparing facilities and recruiting professionals.

To this end, the CSCE access point team in Limoges will be composed of a physician, a nurse practitioner, a nurse, a mental health therapist, a health promoter, A medical secretary. Job offers will be posted in local newspapers and on the CSCE website shortly.

In addition, the CSCE will work in partnership and in a complementary manner with other health care providers who will provide services to Carrefour Santé. They also want the community to benefit from their new facilities by making the community hall available as a meeting place or as a health and wellness activity.

Generous donations, collected by the Citizens Committee of Limoges for the CSCE, will be used to furnish this space.

On the other hand, please note that the CSCE is not currently accepting registrations of new clients for the Limoges access point. However, priority will be given to residents of Limoges and surrounding areas who do not have a family physician, especially older adults with multiple conditions and young families. The process of welcoming new clients will be presented to the community once the hiring and training of the team is completed.

Until then, any updates will be sent via and its Facebook page. Furthermore, in the autumn, the CSCE will hold a major official opening together with the other partners of Carrefour Santé. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us:
By phone at 613 487-3781, ext. 43
By e-mail at [email protected]
By our Website: Contact Us

Translation by: Vicky Charbonneau, Reflet-News
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