Lung Health Program

The Lung Health Program has been offered in both languages at the Bourget, Crysler, Embrun and Limoges sites since January 2018. It is intended for people with a COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) diagnosis or who suffer from COPD symptoms to help them better manage their condition. Its goal is to improve the client’s quality of life and promote self-management of the disease. The program includes an assessment, recommendations based on the Canadian Thoracic Society’s guidelines, education, a devised action plan and follow-up care.   

Clients are monitored by a respiratory therapist who helps them identify the symptoms, use respiratory medications (inhalers or pumps) and master the breathing techniques taught during the program.

The action plan allows the client to recognize the early warning signs of COPD exacerbations (acute aggravation of symptoms) and know the actions required to avoid hospitalization and further loss of pulmonary function. Education is tailored to the client’s abilities and needs and can also be offered to family members, a spouse or a close friend, as needed.

This program is offered through the Ottawa Community Lung Health Program of the Somerset West Community Health Centre. The services of a registered respiratory therapist/certified respiratory educator are provided in four of the CSCE locations.

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