Mental Health

The mental health sector’s mission is to promote the psychological well-being of francophones in Eastern Ontario.

This mission is accomplished by means of psychotherapeutic techniques, prevention through awareness raising and education, advocacy of rights for those suffering from mental health problems, and taking part in planning and coordinating integrated healthcare services.

If you have any questions on our programs and services, contact us by phone or by e-mail.

If you need immediate help in a crisis situation, you can contact the crisis line at 1-866-996-0991 to get immediate support.


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Free mental health services for persons aged 17+:

These therapy services aim to calm, relieve and sometimes even cure emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders and reactions to various traumatic events. They also seek to resolve behavioral problems, relationship problems and problems related to adaption difficulties and stress management.

Psychotherapeutic services are provided by professionals holding masters or doctorate degrees in the various fields of practice. Their work consists of supporting people suffering from psychological disorders. They help clients modify problematic thoughts, emotions, behaviors and lifestyles. During treatment, they can also take on the role or educator, facilitator or advocate.

The Centre de santé’s mental health therapists use recognized intervention approaches and strategies such as:

  • A cognitivo-behavioral approach
  • A humanist-existential approach
  • A systemic approach
  • Short therapy sessions: strategic therapy aimed at finding solutions, a narrative approach
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) method
  • Pain and disability prevention
  • Etc.

The most common reasons for mental health consultation are: Anxiety, depression, marital problems, grief, adaptation difficulties, relationship problems…

By appointment only

Free mental health services for persons aged 17+:

Depending on demand, mental health workers offer support groups where participants can meet and discuss their difficulties experienced in particular situations. Groups of this kind also include an educational component.

Examples of support groups available at the CSCE:

  • Family caregiver support group
  • How to survive the suicide of a family member
  • Others

Free mental health services for persons aged 17+:

Group intervention and treatment by presenting and applying therapeutic strategies aimed at helping individuals manage certain psychological conditions such as anxiety. The advantage of the group process is that it allows for learning by “modeling”.

Examples of therapeutic groups available at the CSCE :

  • Full awareness group
  • Anxiety management group
  • Therapeutic yoga group
  • Others

Please check the calendar to see if the group you are interested in is currently available.

Don’t hesitate to contact our workers if you wish to have a presentation given on a mental health related topic.

Here are some ideas for subjects that might be discussed: stress management, grief, family caregivers, self-esteem ….

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