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Unfortunately, as of January 31, 2024, it is no longer possible to join our waiting list. We are working to increase our number of physicians and nurse practitioners to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Priority access

If you have a newborn baby and do not currently have a primary health care provider, please call us to book a priority appointment.

We realize how difficult it is to find a primary health care provider and how long waiting lists can be. While we make every reasonable effort to provide you with health care services as quickly as possible, we recommend that you register with Health Care Connect at the following: to help you in your search.

We make every effort to provide you with health care as soon as possible.

Approximate wait times for customers already on the waiting list

CSCE location Approximate number of people on the waiting list Approximate wait time
Alexandria 308 More than a year
Bourget 496 More than a year
Cornwall 641 More than a year
Crysler 211 More than a year
Embrun 729 More than a year
Limoges 510 More than a year

* Latest update: September 2023. Next scheduled update: December 2023.


Service commitment and waiting list management

We contact everyone on the waiting list once a year to determine whether services are still required. Individuals are also provided with a list of useful resources while they wait to be seen by our primary health care team. When services become available, they are asked to fill out a form with more detailed information about their current situation and health status. Please note that updates pertaining to our waiting list will not be provided beyond what is made available on this webpage.

Please read the following about obtaining consent for information sharing via email before proceeding.

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