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You will find here the list of services and programs provided by the Centre de santé communautaire de l’Estrie throughout the counties of Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott and Russell in Ontario.

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Aging at Home

The Aging at Home Strategy aims to meet the needs of people over 65 and their natural caregivers in order to encourage aging at home. By providing local support, this strategy helps seniors avoid an unnecessary loss of their independence […]

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Dietitians offer nutrition services to improve or maintain the health and well-being of individuals and to promote healthy eating habits in accordance with the client’s lifestyle and needs. By appointment only Individual consultations with a Registered Dietitian for personalized nutrition […]

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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Established in 2017-2018, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program welcomed its first clients at the Bourget site in April 2018. The program is available thanks to a partnership with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Admissible clients were generally hospitalized for one […]

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Lung Health Program

The Lung Health Program has been offered in both languages at the Bourget, Crysler, Embrun and Limoges sites since January 2018. It is intended for people with a COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) diagnosis or who suffer from COPD symptoms […]

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Low Back Pain Project

Lumbago is the medical term used to describe low back pain, in the lumbar vertebrae area. Since 2015, the Centre de santé communautaire de l’Estrie (CSCE) has hosted a government pilot project at its Cornwall and Alexandria locations. The CSCE has […]

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Community Health

The community health sector’s mandate is to promote and encourage community involvement in establishing and maintaining living conditions that improve collective and individual well-being. Community Health – We promote healthy lifestyle habits for a healthy community : Prevention of chronic […]

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Mental Health

The mental health sector’s mission is to promote the psychological well-being of francophones in Eastern Ontario. This mission is accomplished by means of psychotherapeutic techniques, prevention through awareness raising and education, advocacy of rights for those suffering from mental health […]

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Diabetes Education Program

The Centre de santé communautaire de l’Estrie’s (CSCE) Diabetes Education Program allows all people with diabetes or prediabetes to learn the skills they need to take an active role in managing their condition daily. The Diabetes Education Program team is […]

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Primary Health

The professionals of the primary health sector provide physical healthcare by means of programs and activities in prevention, promotion, and education. They help clients take charge of their own health in order to prevent diagnosed diseases from taking hold or […]

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