Aging at Home

The Aging at Home Strategy aims to meet the needs of people over 65 and their natural caregivers in order to encourage aging at home. By providing local support, this strategy helps seniors avoid an unnecessary loss of their independence and dignity caused by premature admission to a long-term care hospital or facility.

The Aging at Home Strategy is crucial to improving the lives of Ontario seniors and helping ensure the economic viability of the entire health system (MOHLTC, 2009).

The Aging at Home Strategy is available to residents of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.

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  • Assessment of physical and mental health needs
  • Answers to health questions
  • Individual, couples and family therapy
  • Support for natural caregivers
  • Physical fitness activities

This 10-meeting programme is offered every autumn.

The aim is to learn how to manage anxiety by questioning our stressors and the content of our thoughts, emotions and behaviour in situations. Learning the tools you need to manage your anxiety more effectively helps to improve your self-esteem.

This programme is a continuation of the Anxiety Management Group.

This group equips people to deal with everyday situations. One technique or skill per month is taught to consolidate self-esteem, develop more assertive behaviour, learn to respect and verbalise needs, identify limits and improve problem-solving.

The person will practise the tool for 1 month. 9 meetings per year.

This group helps us to understand the mechanics of our emotions and the impact on our self-esteem. We work on improving our communication and defining our current emotions differently, and managing them more effectively.

There are 10 meetings.

The aim here is to learn to meditate while remaining in the present moment, which helps to control the flow of our thoughts. Staying in the here and now helps to reduce the effects of depression and reduce anxiety.

There are 8 sessions.

This programme is offered in the summer and includes 5 meetings.

The aim is to learn how to relax your mind and body using 8 to 10 relaxation techniques.

The programme has been designed for people aged 65 and over-10 meetings

In this group, we will look at ourselves, our relationship with others and our emotions. Participants will experiment with a range of tools. These will aim to develop better self-esteem while improving our thinking, our way of communicating, asserting ourselves and resolving difficulties in everyday life that involve family, friends and acquaintances.

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