Satisfaction Survey Results: Thank you for participating!

The Centre de santé communautaire de l’Estrie’s (CSCE) Quality Services Committee would like to share the results of its Client Satisfaction Survey, upon approval of the Executive Director.

The survey, which is designed to assess client satisfaction, was conducted throughout the CSCE’s five sites between October 17 and November 18, 2016. A large number of you took part in the survey! In total, 736 people answered the questionnaire and we wish to thank you for your participation.

The Client Satisfaction Survey contained several sections, each covering an area of great importance for the CSCE and its Quality Improvement Plan: accessibility, client-centred services, equity, confidentiality, client satisfaction, and communication.

The results of the survey clearly demonstrate a high level of satisfaction regarding our programs and services.

While the results are quite satisfactory, you have indicated that you wish to see certain improvements, for instance, greater access to our services in the evenings and on weekends. For the time being, our funding restricts us from extending our hours of operation. However, should these conditions change and should additional funding be granted, we will work hard to improve this aspect.

We invite you to view the full results of our survey by clicking on the following link :
Résultats du sondage effectué du 17 octobre au 18 novembre 2016 (PDF File – French Only)

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