The CSCE is celebrating its 25th anniversary. For the occasion, a huge party was held on June 16, 2016 at the NAV Centre, attended by over 200 guests. The evening was spent remembering the organization’s good times, applauding the staff’s valuable work and looking forward to a positive future!

Click here for all the details on the 25th anniversary.

The Alexandria site is moving its offices to Main Street at the end of August. Since the offices are located in the heart of the village, this move will increase the CSCE’s visibility within the community of Alexandria. In addition, the new location will considerably improve access since many people will now be able to walk to the CSCE to take advantage of its programs and services. From another point of view, the arrangement of the offices, all located on the same floor, will facilitate discussions among professionals.

The Prime Minister, Kathleen Wynne, visited the small community of Limoges to publicly announce funding in the amount of $425,000 to establish an access point of the CSCE within the community’s Health Hub. The news was well received as it will help fill a significant gap in health care services in this region. The tenacity of the citizens committee has paid off and the CSCE is proud to have supported their leadership efforts throughout this lengthy process.

The access point is scheduled to open next spring and will provide services three days a week.


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