Craving Change

A 4 week online program to improve your relationship with food

The dietitians of the CSCE are proud to offer Craving Change, a Canadian program that was developed by a clinical psychologist and registered dietitian in which the goal is to improve our relationship with food. This program uses a cognitive-behavioural approach to allow participants to become more aware of their eating behaviours. Craving Change provides several tools, activities and strategies that address the universal struggle to change problematic and emotional eating behaviours and to help control cravings.

This program is for you if: 

  • You have questions regarding your eating behaviours.
  • You want to better understand your food choices.
  • You want to control your cravings.
  • You tend to do ‘emotional eating’.

This 4 week program is offered virtually. It is currently available in French and in English by our dietitians.

Sounds interesting? Contact us by telling your availabilities (morning, afternoon or evening) or call at the CSCE closest to you to register for the next group.

* Please note this program is not an eating disorder treatment.

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