The Green Food Box: an Ever-Popular Initiative, Even During the Pandemic

Whether in Bourget, Embrun, Crysler, Finch, Maxville, Moose Creek or elsewhere in the region, this initiative continues to be popular and to evolve based on the needs of each community. With the help of many committed volunteers, many boxes with a variety of fruits and vegetables are prepared and sold to new and existing clients each month. The Green Food Box also maintains several partnerships with local food banks, businesses and organizations in order to fight against food insecurity.

What is the Greed Food Box?

The Green Food Box is a non-profit program that brings neighbouring communities together to buy a variety of quality fresh fruits and vegetables at a wholesale price. Available monthly for either $10 or $15 depending on the site you order from, the Green Food Box contains staple produce as well as seasonal favourites.

Please refer to the website to find the location nearest you and for important dates, times and details.

Visit for more information.

   CSCE Annual Report 2020-2021

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