Nutrition Services at the CSCE: Why Are They So Important?

Not many organizations provide the community with an opportunity to consult a dietitian free of charge, as is the case in community health centres. Thanks to the CSCE, the population of Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott and Russell can obtain reliable information from trusted sources free of charge on one of today’s most popular topics: nutrition.

An overabundance of information about nutrition from countless sources often leads to many questions. As a result, many clients seek evidence-based answers and nutrition counselling from the dietitians at the CSCE. Our team of dietitians is constantly seeking the most recent research findings so they can give advice that is tailored to the medical conditions and personal goals of their clients. Their objective? To encourage clients in their journey towards optimal health.

Many clients are extremely satisfied with the personalized, results-based advice they received. The approach used by the dietitians at the CSCE allows them to provide services that are responsive, accessible and diverse, in both individual and group formats. In addition, dietitians’ work often complements primary health care or mental health care very well, which is why working collaboratively with physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists and others is strongly emphasized at the CSCE.

A Busy and Challenging Year!

Over the past few months, the CSCE has had to be resourceful and creative in their efforts to provide nutrition services to its clients despite all the changes caused by the pandemic. Although some on-site appointments are gradually resuming, clinical appointments, groups and meetings have been and continue to be conducted by telephone or videoconference. This has allowed the dietitians to maintain a quality client-professional relationship during the pandemic as well as valuable relationships with community partners and collaborators.

Needless to say, dietitians are here to stay! Feel free to contact the CSCE nearest you to book an appointment—a doctor’s referral is not required!

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