Courtesy Call Program, Resources and Support

Courtesy Call Program

To provide support during these challenging times, our community healthcare team has launched a courtesy call program for clients and participants in various CSCE programs.

Courtesy calls are short telephone conversations that are meant to provide one-on-one personalized support, reduce isolation and raise awareness of the realities of COVID-19 (preventive measures, vaccination, misinformation, fraud, etc.). A CSCE counsellor listens and guides the client to the appropriate community resources and offers any support needed.

COVID-19—Resources and Support

In keeping with these courtesy calls, the CSCE has developed a guide with available resources and useful information about COVID-19.

A simplified version of this guide is available on the CSCE’s “COVID-19—Resources and Support” web page:

It contains information on local organizations and several community initiatives in the areas of physical and mental health, wellness, food and financial assistance, vaccination, etc.

   CSCE Annual Report 2020-2021

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